NFT Collections

Welcome to collecting art on the blockchain. What is this, you ask?

This is your opportunity to ‘mint’ one-of-a-kind art into the blockchain where provenance and chain of ownership can never be disputed.

Not to be confused with the blockchain platform of NFT art, the medium of the images displayed in the following collections is generative art using AI, as opposed to any particular graphics application.

Everything on this page alone was AI-generated through specifically-trained data models containing actual photographic portraiture of Lott-Richards assumed into classical archetypal themes and settings through a series of text prompts written exclusively by Lott-Richards. These are not mindless, computer-generated comps left entirely to chance, nor are they concept or fan art. The results are absolutely unique and dazzlingly manifested examples of ‘accidental’ beauty created through existing photography and the written word processed with the most recently available tools for the creation of art.

Simply press the COLLECT button on any image to mint your limited editions. Visit the profile for even more details.

Sue Lott Emanations Mauve Zone

Generative art portraits in the Mauve Zone, a place just beyond that which we can perceive, between this place and the next.

Sue Lott Emanations Sverige

Portraits in vignettes of loosely interpreted esoteric folk traditions of Sweden.

Sue Lott after Klimt

Portraits of Sue Lott after the style of Vienna Secessionist painter, Gustav Klimt.

Sue Lott on Walpurgis Night in Skåne

Generative art portraits of Sue Lott in a Walpurgis Night in southern Sweden theme.

Sue Lott n the Secret Garden

Coming soon

Sue Lott Midsummer

Coming soon

Sue Lott after Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Coming soon

Sue Lott after Franz von Stuck

Coming soon